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About Us

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and then the rueful look back at all the missed opportunities!

You are searching for the perfect moment, entire happiness or new challenges? You’d like to experience unforgettable adventures and take your opportunities?

You are absolutely right here!

Better-Go-Now is a platform for all, …

Let us show you how breathtakingand beautiful this world can be!

Why Better-Go-Now?

Apparently, it was destiny that brought us together. Even though we are very different, we have one thing in common: We are passionate travelers and, in the middle of 2016, both of us wanted a change.

As soon as possible!

We wanted to break away from the daily routine and to start a new adventure. We wanted to combine profession with our passion, the traveling. Based on the thought that live is short and the world is wide, the idea of Better-Go-Now was born.

Live is short and the world is wide!

We wanted to create a platform for backpackers, (work)travelers, globetrotters, frequent travelers, and all the other people who love to travel freely and independently, like we do. We wanted to create a place where people from all over the world have the possibility to share their experiences and adventures with kindred spirits. We wanted to support everyone who would rather like to catch the next flight, but does not know how to leave.

We help you make your journey easier, better, less expensive, and more independent. We guarantee you more adventure and less risks for less money!