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Hostel for backpackers - Best tips, tricks and infos to find - 9 other possibilities for sleeping

Accommodation for travellers is supposed to be cheap, comfortable and as attractive as possible. We browsed the net to help you with that. With us, you will find the best and loveliest accommodation! Especially for backpackers, work & travellers, frequent travellers and everybody else who loves travelling as much as we do.

Be smart!
Save time and money!

  • Save up to 15 % compared to other offerors by taking our advices.
  • When travelling a whole year, you might be able to save up to € 1.000,- by choosing the right offerors (€ 18,- per night on an average)

“I have done too much travelling in my life!
Said no one ever…”


1. Book on the internet beforehand

Used most often by far is booking accommodation online in advance. Statistically, it takes least time and is the cheapest way on an average. Our recommendations are:

  1. Booking.com
  2. Agoda.com
  3. Tripadvisor.com

Admittedly, there are many more good vendors. However, their offers are considerably smaller, the search function is often limited and prices tend to be higher. Below, you will find all details regarding our recommendations!


  • Fast and neatly-arranged search function
  • Uncomplicated processing
  • Oftentimes comparably cheap – statistically the cheapest


  • You’re doing a blind bargain – pictures might be misleading

2. Book on site

In areas where supply is higher than demand you will probably get the best price like that. If you are a little patient, you’ll get the keenest prices directly at the hostel’s or hotel’s reception – and you will know what you’ll get. This option might be a little time-consuming sometimes. However, there’s a chance it pays off, indeed.


  • If supply of accommodation is large, you might make a good bargain.
  • You’ll get what you book.


  • If supply of accommodation is low, you will probably come off badly since prices are often raised arbitrarily.
  • It’s time-consuming and can be tedious (often you have to walk from accommodation to accommodation until you find something that fits you)



A community of more than 10 million members spread all over the world and you can sleep on their couches for free. Having done it ourselves, we have really made some cool experiences. Usually, hosts are candid, cook for you and often show you around. Of course it can get merry and bizarre sometimes since you don’t really know what is expecting you. A very peculiar way of travelling! Couchsurfing


  • For free (however, it’s always a good idea to bring a little gift for your host)
  • You get to know awesome new people; also cultures and customs
  • Once you are a member, it is uncomplicated


  • You don’t really know what is expecting you
  • Registration and authentication might take some time in the beginning
  • If you are new, you should make an effort to get an affirmative respond from a host



Airbnb is an online marketplace where people make their flat, houses, cabins, etc. available. You have the whole accommodation for yourself, then. In return, you have to pay a fixed price per day/week. Especially in cities or at the sea that is really cool. You “really” live at that place! Register today und you get a € 40 price reduction on your first booking. Just click this link: Airbnb Gift. You will find further information below.


  • Cool atmosphere – you live where you are
  • Great accommodations for fair prices
  • You are your own boss
  • Getting the feeling not to be a tourist


  • Compared to couchsurfing it will cost you – in larger cities it might be expensive (usually it’s still cheaper than hotels)


  • Homestay.com
    Accommodation at guest families who really take great pains. Especially in exotic countries a real cool experience for a fair price.

  • Sleepinginairports.net
    If your budget is already strained and you are up for a new adventure, here you’ll find a guide how to best sleep at airports. Why not?

  • Camping/tenting
    Having a tent or caravan with you is one way to do it. Another is renting one on a camping site. For all the campers amongst you!

  • Overnight trains
    If you want to be somewhere else by tomorrow, that’s a great option. Often, they are very cheap and you’ll get good sleep.

  • Workaway.info
    Similar to WWOOF but a little more exotic. These offers are more exceptional. Having a look pays!

  • Wwoof.net
    You can imagine working on organic farms? Then WWOOF might be exactly right for you. Accommodation and meals are usually included.

  • Housecarers.com
    Look after houses of other people while they are away. Water plants, mow the lawn or take care of pets might be your duties. In return, you live in the house for free.

  • Are there common areas available?
    In common areas you get to know other travellers. Is there enough space in a hotel/hostel? Is there a leisure room? Is there a dartboard, table football or billiard table? Or at least a big communal table? That really is worth a lot and it makes it easier to get in contact with other people.

  • Internet at a hostel/hotel
    If internet is as important to you as it is to us, then you should check if there is any and how good the connection in your accommodation is. Admittedly, Wi-Fi is pretty much standard, but not every Wi-Fi is the same! Best is to read through the customer ratings.

  • Just book for one night
    If the hostel or hotel is not that overbooked, you just can book for one night. Was it alright book one more night. If not, just leave.

  • The bigger the more anonymous
    If you rather want to be on your own, we recommend to choose larger accommodations since you are more likely to get some you-time there. Other way around, go for smaller ones if you like to get to know other travellers. There you find a more familiar atmosphere.

  • Inform yourself on the internet beforehand
    How many accommodations are there where you want go? How many are not fully booked? What expenses are expecting you? How are the ratings? We advise you to check on 2-3 websites. Prices tend to be quite similar with the best vendors, but it is never a bad idea to play it safe. We recommend booking.com, agoda.com and tripadvisor.com. By doing so, you’ll instantly get the best vendors and usually will get the best hostel/hotel for the best price available online.

  • Public transportation
    Oftentimes, you depend on public transportation. There is nothing worse than walk long distances to the next stop unnecessarily. Pay heed to your immediate infrastructure!

  • Reliable offerors
    Book your accommodation at reliable offerors only. Avoid rip-offs and fraud. Best is to go for renowned and big offerors.


Test winner: The best hotel search
engines you can find!

  1. Enter the destination and date you want to travel into the search engines.
  2. Compare the prices and accommodations.
  3. Book the best accommodation.

It really is that simple…


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