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Visa document: The most effective and best ways to get your visa quickly

Without a valid passport or visa there will be no adventure. Therefore, you should take a few minutes to read through “Important tips and information on passport and visa”. With our information, tips and recommendations you will be well prepared.

Be more efficient!

If you will pay attention on most of our tips and tricks, everything with your visa or passpart should go well. We recommend you to take some minutes to read through the our information. Especially for backpackers, work & traveler, globetrotters and all those people who also love travel as much as we do.

Be smart!
Save time and avoid complications.


  • Your passport is supposed to be valid for at least 6 more months for every visa. Therefore, validity of 1,5 years is advisable for a one-year world trip. Being valid for at least another 6 months is one of the most important requirements in many countries.
  • If you have to request a new passport, do it early enough. We recommend at least 5 weeks prior to your journey. Oftentimes, it is done in 2 weeks, but you’ll never know. There is an express passport, but you will waste money unnecessarily on it.
  • Make sure you have enough free space in your passport for your adventure. Admittedly, stamps are space-saving, but certain visa require whole pages.
  • If you plan to visit numerous countries and you want to keep your passport as a souvenir, we recommend to have a bigger one. It’s ideal for larger world trips.
  • Paying for the visa on site, you are often required to pay in dollars. Exchanging often turns out to be difficult and unnecessarily expensive. We recommend you to have some dollar reserves.
  • Some countries require a passport photograph for the visa. For an extended journey it is advisable to have 2-3 passport photos and 2 colour copies of the front page with you. Store colour copies of your passport in your email account.
  • Inform yourself on the costs and required documents on the internet, beforehand, to avoid being ripped off on site.
  • Don’t rely on any tables with compiled visa information on the internet. Since such requirements can change rapidly, we recommend your competent department on foreign affairs (usually foreign ministry). There you will get your information directly from the source.
  • Watch out for your passport! It’s the most precious item during your journey.

We recommend your competent department of foreign affairs (usually foreign ministry). If you gather the relevant information there, you are always up to date. You can’t do anything wrongly there.

1. Apply for visa yourself

It’s comparatively easy to apply for visa in some countries. However, what you will need for other countries is: time, patience and precision!

First, inform yourself on the department of foreign affairs’ websites and respective embassy or consulate. A checklist can do wonders.

Calling the embassy/the consulate before sending them your documents (depending on country) or bringing them personally can help. It might occur that required documents are not listed on the internet or that you got something wrongly, which is just annoying and time-consuming.

Apply for your visa as early as possible to avoid complications and unnecessary surcharges.

2. Have someone who applies the visa for you

Especially for complicated visas (see list) or even more than one at a time, it makes perfect sense indeed to make use of services which are good value for money. Here, too, the premise is: the sooner the better.

  • China
  • Russia
  • India
  • It saves time and trouble.
  • They will tell you exactly which documents are required.
  • These offices know every visit to the authorities and particular bureaucracy. Oftentimes, getting your visa is more easy for them than it is for you.
  • If it has to happen fast, they are to ones to make it happen most quickly.

We took a look around concerning these offices and tested them for you. We recommend Visahq!


If you make use of a visaservice, we have the right address for you. At VisaHQ you will find a good service for a fair price. Especially recommended for the complicated countries China, Russia and India.


    Why VisaHQ?

    • Customer ratings are good
    • Well-accessible by phone
    • Mails are being responded quickly
    • Qualified and polite
    • Reliable




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