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25 Tips and Tricks
to increase the Quality of your Photos

You would like to become popular with your travel photos? You have been looking for a long time to find the right platform to create photo blogs? You would like to share amazing photos with your friends, while or after travelling?

Then Better-Go-Now is perfect for you!

No one is born a master. All great photographers once had to learn and develop their skills. That’s why the most important thing is:

Practise, practise, practise and don’t lose your patience!

#Tip 1: It’s all about information!

Wie schafft man etwas, das nur wenige schaffen?

Before diving into your adventure, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tips and tricks about photography. The tiniest bit of know-how can help you improve the quality of your photos a lot yet, so that you can create a great photo blog.

Get yourself some books, or look through different forums. Our tips and tricks can help you already, but we still recommend seeking information from professional photographers to improve your photos.

#Tip 2: Find your niche

You have a special way of taking photographs? Great! Hold on to it. Nowadays there are countless artists who upload their photos on the internet. This makes it harder to stand out from all the others. You’re not sure yet what to put in your photo blog? Maybe one of the following suggestions can help you.

  • Landscapes
  • Still lifes
  • Product photography
  • People in their everyday life
  • Portraits
  • Buildings
  • Makro Photography

#Tip 3: Find inspiration

Look at photos of professional photographers or other photo bloggers and learn from them. There’s no shame in copying some things. But do not copy photos completely! Find a good balance. Let others inspire you but also include your own ideas.

#Tip 4: Take your time

It doesn’t make sense to take pictures of everything and everyone just to have enough photos for your blogs.

Sometimes, less is more.

Take your time and enjoy taking photographs. Photos that you took with passion can convey a lot more emotions than a photo that was taken in a hurry.

#Tip 5: Find out what your audience likes

What do people looking at your photo blogs expect? Are landscapes more popular than people? Find out by creating blogs on Better-Go-Now. On your Better-Go-Now profile, you can see which photo blogs your fans like best.

#Tip 6: The right camera

You would like to make money with your photos? Eventually, there’s no other way but to buy a good camera. Even if your mobile phone can take alright photos, they will be nowhere near as good as those a nice camera takes.

#Tip 7: Three golden rules

Taking a good photo can sometimes take a long time. The following advice may help you take better pictures.

  • Take photos in the right light.
  • Use the right exposure time.
  • Wait for the perfect moment and scene.

You will see that these three rules will be worth the effort.

#Tip 8: Big money

Many bloggers dream of becoming rich quickly through their photo blogs. But usually in life, nothing is for free. So don’t despair if success takes more than one night to come.

Be patient and work on your skills!

Sometimes it takes a while before you can see some progress. If you keep being patient and constantly try to improve, your chances are good to become professional.

#Tip 9: Stay in touch with your fans

Read the comments of your fans and respond to them. Always stay in contact to them. A community that has your back is extremely important!

Advice: Publish your blogs on Better-Go-Now. Here you will find exactly the right audience and community.

#Tip 10: Edit photos

Some photos on Instagram, Facebook and the like seem almost too beautiful, as if by magic. Key word: “Picture processing“. Even the best photos are usually edited afterwards. Nowadays, there are a lot of different ways to post process photographs. Of course it makes sense to edit photos and correct minor blemishes to improve the quality of your photographs.

Advice: Even so, we still think that the most important thing is to take your photos with dedication. This makes them more expressive and meaningful. Sometimes, less is more!

#Tip 11: Allow criticism

Ask specifically for critique about your pictures, even though it may hurt to hear an honest comment. Ultimately, this is what will help you refine your skills and advance.

Advice: Use our forums to chat to other photo bloggers and ask them for an honest opinion regarding your photos. This will probably help you a lot more to advance than asking friends or family members, as those may not want to hurt you by saying negative things about your photos.

#Tip 12: Shooting at night

During the day, it is a lot easier to take clear pictures. At night time though, this feat becomes much harder.

Are you willing to take on a new challenge?

Here are some basic tips and tricks you should consider in order to make the photos on your blog look nice:

  • Use a tripod. The exposure time needs to be longer the darker it is. Because our hands are always shaking a tiny bit, this can produce blurred photos. Whenever you can, also use the self-timer to avoid any jolts or motions.
  • Generally, each camera these days has a night time mode that automatically adjusts the settings for night photography.

Advice: Profit from the “magic blue hour“, 20 minutes after sunset and 20 minutes before sunrise. At this time, the light of the night sky is very special and leads to beautiful photographs.

#Tip 13: Focus on the essentials!

A common mistake is trying to photograph as many things as possible in one photo. Try the opposite! Focus on the essentials, on outstanding details. Your photos will be expressive on a whole different level.

#Tip 14: Credit and appreciation for your photo blogs

Of course, most people would like to make money with their hobbies. But if taking photographs for you is just a means to the end of making money and gaining fame, you might want to rethink this idea. Needless to say, it is a nice side effect to make money with your own pictures. However, taking pictures out of fun and dedication should still come first.

#Tip 15: Keeping it real

Taking people’s portraits is your thing? A good advice is not to tell your models to pose. This seems artificial. Focus your camera on your model’s eyes, as they mostly draw people’s attention.

Advice: Talk to your models, distract them from the camera lens by speaking to them. Make them laugh. This produces the most beautiful and natural photographs.

#Tip 16: Ask permission

Ask the people you photograph for permission to do so, particularly, if you want to publish the photos later on.

Advice: If possible, get a written consent of permission to take people’s photos, especially if you don’t know them well. This will make your life easier in case one of your models accuses you of something afterwards.

#Tip 17: Use bad weather situations

You think that you can only take photos when the weather is perfect? Try something new and go out to take pictures in bad weather and intense conditions! Seize the day and opportunity! You will see that it was worth the trouble.

#Tip 18: Be your own biggest critic

You shouldn’t publish photos that you are not fond of a 100%. It speaks for your credibility, if you only upload photos that you are fully satisfied with.

#Tip 19: Find the right background

The background is at least as important as the object or person in front of it. A nasty background makes it harder to take a beautiful picture, even if the person or object themselves are beautiful.

#Tip 20: Have an eye for the unusual

What is so special about good photographers? They have an eye for the exceptional. They see things others don’t.

You want to able to do that, too?

It’s a skill you can practise specifically! Try to change your point of view and see things from a different angle. As a consequence, your photo blog will stand out from other blogs.

#Tip 21: Workshops and apprenticeships

You’re thinking about turning your hobby into your profession? You can start by going to workshops, or you can directly apply for an apprenticeship to acquire further knowledge. Let qualified professional photographers train you.

#Tip 22: Practise, practise, practise…

You can read an infinite number of books and photo blogs to improve your own photographs. But often, theory is far from the actual thing! So grab your camera and just get started to shoot some photos! You will see that by trial and error, you will consistently learn new things!

#Tip 23: The right lenses

Use different lenses. Let the salesmen and women advise you extensively. At best, go into a special shop for cameras and photo supplies and ask which equipment you need for the type of photos you want to shoot.

#Tip 24: Picture processing – Yea or nay?

Some swear on it, some condemn it. Don’t make the mistake of editing photos too much, as they may lose their naturalness. The best is to try different ways and find a balance. Create different types of photo blogs to find out what your fans like.

#Tip 25: Start your own photo blog NOW!

You still have some doubts? Just give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Start now and publish your first photos on Better-Go-Now. Everyone starts in a small way.

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