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Find Cheap Flights - How to get tickets for the lowest price - Backpacking

You are looking for the best and cheapest flights? We have the solution for your problem! We have tested the 20 most attractive flight search engines worldwide. The best seven of them we have compiled and listed for you. With the help of our selection you will find the cheapest and fastest flights.

Be smart!
Save in average 18 % with our strategy!

We have carefully examined the best flight search engines for you. Pricewise, many other providers can’t keep up with our recommendations. Knowing already that they are more expensive, why would you waste your time and compare flights there? Avoid unnecessary troubles and complications! By using these seven flight search engines you will most likely find the cheapest flight and save precious time, additionally. (see test)


  • 15 of the most attractive flight search engines worldwide have been tested.
  • 225 different flights and prices have been compared.
  • The best 7 have been listed for you.


  • Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday
    According to statistics, you will fly the cheapest on these days. It makes sense since fewer people fly on these days. Therefore: Be flexible!

  • Early or late
    Either very early in the morning or late in the evening. You can save money by choosing departure times that no one else wants to fly.

  • Book fast!
    If you have found a good bargain, take it. The cheapest flights are gone quickly. Statistically, you should book Tuesday between 5 and 9 p.m.

  • Short haul – smaller airports
    When it comes to airports you should be flexible, too. Especially short haul flights can come cheaper if you target smaller airports.

  • Open jaw flight
    Search for open jaw flights. For example: outgoing flight: Berlin – Bangkok. Return flight: Singapore – Berlin. If you travel from Bangkok to Singapore by other means of transport, it won’t make much sense to fly back to Bangkok from there. Open jaw flights!

  • Avoid days when everybody travels and holidays
    Supply and demand determine the price. Of course it’s the most expensive when everybody wants to fly.

  • Utilize the “include nearby” tool
    If you fly for example from Vienna to London, we recommend to always choose London (all airports). Budget airlines often fly from and to airports which are a little distance outside to save costs.

  • Bonus miles
    Don’t pay more for tickets just you get bonus miles in return. It might be cheaper on rare occasions. Usually, it doesn’t pay off.

  • Compensation for delays
    EU citizens are compensated quite nicely for longer delays. You might cash up up to € 600,-. For more information, click here: XXX

  • Online Check-in
    Save time and troubles by checking in online. If it is for free (most commonly), you should utilize it. If you want to take a backpack as your hand baggage with you and you have 1-2 kilos too much, chances are good that nobody will notice.

  • Checke Error-Fares
    Especially check with long-distance flights deal websites. Admittedly, you have to be a little lucky, but you can save some serious cash.

  • Seat reservations
    Pick your seat yourself: It’s free with most airlines. This app (XXX) can help you with that.

  • Destination airports in the area
    Also compare fares with destination airports in the proximity. You can really make a good bargain there!

  • Unnecessary fees
    Consider well whether or not you need exaggerated coverage and insurances. Some supplemental offerings are way too expensive (e.g. seat reservations, meals, unnecessary baggage fees). Only take those offers if you really need them.

  • Book early
    It’s not always easy to book early, but it’s cheaper in general. Please note: As soon as you know the date you can book. That tends to be the cheapest way! Rule of thumb: Up to two months prior is absolutely enough. Up to two weeks prior is ok. After that, you will have to be quite lucky to find a cheap flight. Possibly, you will be able to find a cheaper flight a few days before departure than two months earlier.

Whenever you look for a flight you can use the following strategy. It is easy, uncomplicated and it will save you both money and time. We tested the most useful flight search engines worldwide and brought them down to the best seven. Just follow our instructions and take some minutes before booking your flight. Do not needlessly pay too much money for your flights. With our recommendations and strategy you will save 18% in average! Be smart! Be smart!


  1. Always start with skyscanner.com. In the calendar, use the option „Whole month“. This option calculates and analyses the prices for a full month. You will know which days are potentially cheap. Skyscanner doesn’t show very cheap results but it is indeed a useful indicator for your search. Use it in the beginning!
  2. Now you know the cheapest days within your time slot. Choose a date and start looking up flights, starting with our recommendation #1 up to #6. If flight #2 is cheaper and/or better than flight #1, you can remove flight #1 and reverse!
  3. By following our instructions you should by now have found the best flight for you. Furthermore, now you know that you have a super price! Now you can actually book this flight and have a clear conscience, because you save money and time!

Tip: Prices change a bunch of times every day. If you’re satisfied with your flight, we recommend you to book it!

Find always the cheapest flight fares with this strategy!

Short Instructions:Start with Skyscanner and check out the cheapest and best days for your flight by using “Whole Month”. Afterwards use the best six flight search engines step by step to compare the prices of your desired flight day. Book the cheapest and best flight!

It can be thateasy to save 18 %!

Whole month: Skyscanner

Start here with “Whole Month”!

#1: Momondo

1. Compare prices with Momondo!


  • In our price comparison Momondo came second. (Best price: 3 times, among the TOP-3: 4 times)
  • Aesthetic and very pleasant layout.
  • Legitimate and a good service.
  • One of the biggest flight search engines worldwide.
  • You can choose flights starting from or going to whole countries. For example: London-Thailand – Surrounding airports may be much cheaper.
  • Useful filter options (f.e. Multi City-Option).
  • No other annoying pop-up windows.
  • Price overview for longer periods available.


  • For perfectionists: Momondo could come up with a better price overview.

Compare now!

#2: Skycheck

2. Compare prices with Skycheck!


  • First place in our price comparison!
  • Test: 4x absolut best price und 8x within TOP 3; Very nice!
  • No overpriced credit card surcharges.
  • “Multi City” as well as “Open Jaw Flight” options.
  • Aspiring company with revolutionary meta search.
  • No other annoying windows are popping up.
  • Statistically they offer the best results.


  • They could improve layout and filter options.
  • At the moment only available for € and £.
  • Sometimes the travel agencies add transaction costs.

Compare now!

#3: Cheapflights

3. Compare prices with Cheapflights!


  • 4x best price, 4x Top 3. Good prices!
  • They offer student fares for some flights.
  • Solid layout and a legitimate company.
  • Filter for flight duration.
  • Useful features (e.g. Open Jaw Flights)
  • No other annoying pop-ups.
  • Price overview for longer periods available.


  • Prices are not always a 100 % up to date (but the differences are very small).
  • They could offer more flexible flights.

Compare now!

#4: Kayak

4. Compare prices with Kayak!


  • Biggest flight search engine in the world.
  • Fair prices.
  • Plain layout and design.
  • Flexible departure and arrival dates.
  • Surrounding airports can be included into the search. You can choose among a lot of airports within a country.
  • Transparent prices.
  • No other annoying pop-up windows.


  • Prices are not always a 100 % up to date (but the differences are small).
  • Prices used to be better.
  • Flight search itself could be more flexible.

Compare now!

#5: Dohop

5. Compare prices with Dohop!


  • Pleasent layout.
  • Good prices.
  • Legitimate company from Iceland
  • Revolutionary idea: They connect flights (Self-Connect), so that you can fly to your destination using several different airlines.
  • No other annoying windows are popping up.


  • Limited filter options.
  • There is no option for flight duration.
  • They could make looking for flights more flexible.

Compare now!

#6: Jetradar

6. Compare prices with Jetradar!


  • Good prices for unusual destinations or if you a need short flight in Asia or Australia.
  • Cool layout.
  • No other annoying windows are popping up.
  • Useful flight options (e.g. multi-city route).


  • There could be more extensive filters.
  • Flight options could be more flexible.
  • In average prices are are often too expensive compared to the other travel sites.

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