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With Better-Go-Now you can earn money from creating blogs

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to make extra money with your blog while sitting on the beach with your laptop on your knees? Well, then keep on reading! We advise you to…

Become a Better-Go-Now team member and make money!

Do you write fabulous and informative blogs or shoot exciting videos and marvelous photos during your journeys? Do you want to be free and make some extra money? Then you’re absolutely right here!


  1. Register for free at Better-Go-Now.com and customize your profile as you wish.

  2. Start to blog directly and for free, whether you want to publish blogs with texts, videos, or photos.

  3. After having created five blog contents, you can apply for Better-Go-Now’s membership. Click “blogs” under the main menu and then the “become team member” button, in order to hand in your application. Afterwards, we will check your blog contents. If we think they are all right, we accept your membership and you automatically get added to our commission system (link). Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a pro to become team member. Your contents should be well-arranged, look nice and fit our range of themes.

  4. As soon as you are a member of Better-Go-Now‘s team, your blog views are automatically tracked. You can comfortably check your blog traffic under “statistics” and get detailed information about how many times your contents have been seen by other people as well as your most viewed contents.

  5. You’ll get a portion of our advertising revenues. That means: The more people read your blog, the more you earn.

  6. We will send you a quarterly earnings record. Your can request your payment at any time.

  7. Please find further information below:
    Commission system (Link)
    Contracts against payment for bloggers (Link)

Do you want to start to blog, but you just don’t know how?
We support you with anything that’ll make blogging easier for you. You take care of your contents, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you already have a blog?
Perfect! You can find your target audience on Better-Go-Now and expand your reach.

  • Blogger Awards
    We award our best bloggers in multiple categories at the Better-Go-Now Awards. In addition, we announce blogs of the month and photos of the week. Get ready!

  • 10-Point Plan
    Better-Go-Now provides its users with everything they’ll need during their journey. We help you get perfectly prepared and offer numerous tips, tricks, and advices.

  • Find a Travel Partner
    Travelers can find interesting and exciting travel partners at our portal ⎯ for a couple of drinks, or the whole trip.

  • Bucket List
    Create your personal list of things you want to accomplish before a predetermined date.

  • Social Media Platform
    We offer a social media platform to our community, where you can create your own profile and use amazing features, including chat, friends, and follower function.

  • Chat
    With our chat you can start to increase your networking activities with your followers easily. Create your own chatroom and make conversations with your fans.

  • Blog Functions
    You can create blog contents with text, photos, or videos, and post mixed contents as you like it. We offer our bloggers a systematic search for blogs with our blog search function.

  • English and German
    The whole platform is available in German and English. We are planning to add Spanish. You can create blog contents in more than 20 languages.

  • Entertainment
    Users with a yearning for far away places will find the best travel guides, travel films, and travel music under our category “entertainment”.

  • Google
    It has an advantage for you if you’ve already started to blog, because you can link your Better-Go-Now profile with your website, and better your Google ranking.

  • Teamwork
    We firmly believe that a fast growing business can only be achieved through teamwork. Therefore, we want to work transparently and create a work environment built on trust.

  • Country Information
    Using our portal, users will find interesting, important, and funny information about every single country in the world, Better-Go-Now’s Country Information.

… and much more.

It’s all free!
What are you waiting for?


In our example, we assume that all of Better-Go-Now’s users together generate 500,000 clicks on the homepage each month. Users read blogs and get tips and tricks for their trips and much more. Every single click counts! We also assume that we would generate 15,000 euros with its portion on the 500,000 clicks. If 1% of the clicks are attributable to your blog contents, your blog contents have been viewed 5,000 times a month. Without regard to the details of our commission system, 1% of our advertising revenues would generate 150 euros per month (1% of 15,000 euros). You would receive 450 euros at the end of the quarter. You can request your payment at any time. Further information about the payment can be found under “commission system“.
Advice: These numbers are fictional . The ad revenue as well as your personal share can be a lot more. You can find more information at our commission system. (LINK)

Whoever knows the online truism market, knows that every single month billions of clicks are made within this sector. The turnover, which is generated by those clicks, is a multiple thereof. We want to grab a piece of the pie, for us and all team members of Better-Go-Now.

Together we are strong!

If every user bakes its own pie, s/he might be successful, but as a part of Better-Go-Now’s community, your chances are better. Together we have greater possibilities to get a piece of the pie, and what’s more we can inspire others with our passion: to travel independently.

You can generate several millions of clicks monthly!

It’s as simple as that: If we grow, you grow too. If we earn more money, you earn more money.

The earlier you start,
the bigger your chances are!

There are no risks! There are no nasty surprises! The only thing left to lose is time, but your time is invested best in Better-Go-Now.