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As soon as you have completed the sign up process, you can of course change the settings or your personal data the way you want. You can let others see your nickname only, if you want. You decide!

To sign up on Better-Go-Now, we require some information about you. Every blogger is responsible for their own contents. To provide a better standard and protect every user’s contents, we must be able to trace back posts to the authors. By law, this is to protect copyright laws and rights of use.

To become a team blogger, you have to publish at least five substantial blog posts. When you have released those, you can apply to become a team blogger. Click on “settings – team blogger” in your profile and use the text field to tell us about your motivation to become a team blogger. Please read our “team blogger terms and conditions“ and accept. We will contact you as quickly as possible.

When you write a blog post there are two options you can choose between before saving.

  • „Unique content“
  • „Copied content“

If your blog post already exists somewhere else, it is still no problem to copy it onto our homepage. You can choose between two options. Neither one has any negative consequences for you or us.

Just copy and paste the URL of your original blog post. We will automatically place a “canonical tag” and search engines will find your post. With this tag and the reference to the original URL, the search engines know the original source of the post. For technic experts, this means: A meta tag with the values “index” and “follow” is set automatically.
As a consequence, the “duplicate content” has no negative consequences for you or us.

If you want, you can also leave the URL box blank. By doing this, the post cannot be found by any search engines at all. Your post can only be found on our homepage and this option does not have any bad effects for anyone either.

Yes. By adding a website to your profile, each of your blog posts on our homepage contains a link to your website. No matter if you put an URL or not. These are always “follow“ tags. You get a valid backlink for each of your posts!

In order to publish your blog posts on our webpage, we need your “non-exclusive” user rights, by law. For you, this means that you continue to have exclusive user rights on all your posts. Of course you can delete your blog posts at any time, and then your blogs will be removed from Better-Go-Now right after deleting them.