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How to create travel stories
on Better-Go-Now

You want to create your own blogs? Then this is the right place. We offer you a simple way to blog cost-free. Relish all the advantages of Better-Go-Now and get going straight away. You won’t regret it!

Some info to start with

  • With us, you blog completely for free! What’s more, you get more fans and even make money with it! More information

  • You take care of creating great travel blogs while we take care of putting them on the market for you.

  • You decide whether to release your blogs to the public or just to a private group of people you selected.

  • You’re not sure how to start? Get inspired by other bloggers here

Increase your range!

You already have a homepage to post your own blogs? Use Better-Go-Now to increase your range of readers! With us, you will find just the right audience.

#Duplicate Content

You also want to share blogs that you have published somewhere else with us? Then tick the box “duplicate content”. Afterwards you have the option to copy the URL of the relevant blog post and it will be listed on all search engines. It’s because of the so called “canonical tag”. A canonical tag has no negative impact at all.

If you don’t copy the URL, your blog post can only be found on Better-Go-Now. In that case your blog post can not be found with search engines.

If your blog post is unique, then it is easy. Just tick the box “unique content”. It can be found with search engines.

Google and Co. want to provide a big variety of search results. That’s why “copied posts” are not valued highly and get bad reviews. We resolved that problem by using a “Canonical Tag”. How it works? Read more in our FAQ.

#Step 1: Setting up your profile

Register fast and easy. Click on Settings and fill out the blanks. Tell the users who you are, what you do and what interests you. The more you reveal about yourself, the more fans you will get.

#Step 2: First steps

Click on “Blogs“ in the profile menu. There you can create photo, text or video blogs. You can also combine the three. Let your creativity guide you.

The first blog…

For your first blog, take a few minutes to get used to all the features. Click on the little “Info-i“ next to each item to get detailed information.

#Step 3: Writing your blog

Choose a fitting cover photo for your travel blog. Alongside the title and summary, this is the first thing users see.

Tip: Make your cover photo the size of 1550 (w) x 425 (h) for it to be displayed ideally. Watch out that its size doesn’t exceed 2 MB. A perfectly cropped photo will make others read your blog a lot more likely! So make use of this advantage!

Here you can add your text and, if you like, photos.

Formatting symbols explained briefly:

Undo command/ repeat entry

Click through the different categories! Try out what you like best and how to format your text according to your needs.

Design your text the way you want. Decide if the text will appear on the left, right, in the middle or as a block. Tip: If you want to insert photos, you can adjust their position with the “Paragraph”-features.

Structure your text by adding enumeration symbols. Have a look at the different layouts.

Do you want to adjust the distance of your text to the borders? Try the options “Increase“ or „Decrease indention”.

Add any number of stunning pictures to your texts. You just need to upload them. By clicking and drawing on the corners of the photo you can increase or reduce their size. You can also move them up or down manually with the cursor.

Click on these sign if you want to add a Link. Important: Read about our Link rules at the end of the page.

Alternative text: Anyone who has dealt with search engine optimization knows how important a photo’s “alternative text” is. Just like the name suggest, it gives an alternative version in case a photo cannot be displayed. Plus it is meant to be an aid for people with poor eyesight.

Be smart!

Upload your photos into your gallery. Click on the photo that you want to use for your blog. On the right side you will find the text box called “Alternative text”. Describe the photo using key words (max. 120 characters).

Use the “Tag“ feature. Tags are distinct key words to describe your specific blog. They also make it easier for users to find your travel blogs. For example, if your blogs are about your trip to India, you could use these tags:

Write a summary so that users can see at first glance what your blog is about. Use key words here as well and try to make them as exciting as possible to raise users’ curiosity.

You write amazing texts about subjects like your round-the-world-trip, your road or city trips…? You can choose up to 5 categories for users searching on Better-Go-Now to find your blogs in the right categories.

Forbid and allow comments:
If you want your readers to be able to comment on your blogs, enable the comments feature. If not, click on “comments not allowed”.

#Step 4: Saving your blog

Saving as private: Set who can see your blogs by saving them as private. As soon as you have done this, a “secret link” will appear at the bottom of the “blog draft”. You can send this link to your friends.

Things have changed and you no longer want certain people to access your blog?

No problem!

Click on “Generate new link“ and send this new link to the people you wish. The old link is no longer valid then.

Saving as public: Do you want to share your blogs with the public and earn money?

Earning money!

Save your blogs as public. Of course you can undo this anytime if you want to keep your entries for yourself later on.

#Step 5: Preview

Your blog is done and before saving, you want to know how it will look in the end? Just click on Preview.

#Step 6: Go to your blog

After saving your blog, you want to know how it looks to other users? Click on „See blog“.

#Step 7: Re-edit your travel blogs

Do you want to edit your blog after saving?

This is how it’s done:

  • Choose the blog you want to edit.
  • Click on „Edit“.
  • Change the things you wish and save it again as either public or private.

#Tips and tricks

– Private blog – Pretty URL
When saving your blog as private, you will automatically get an URL from us that can look the following way:

You want to change your URL for another due to better looks or for search engine optimization? Click on the end bit of the URL and exchange it for the words you want.


For us it is important that Better-Go-Now remains free for all users and bloggers. To put this into practise, we are dependent on advertising revenues.
So we make money by advertising products and renting out advertising space. So if you want to recommend products in your blog, feel free, but placing links to other websites is disabled.

You can attach a link to your own website underneath each of your blogs. Use this chance and refer to your own website for recommendations.

# Difficulties to start

You could still use some help to get under way with your blogs? Here’s what you might need. Create blog posts: Tips and tricks

You are no Better-Go-Now member? What are you waiting for? Create your very personal cool travel blogs. Everything 100 % free and uncomplicated. Get started!

Get started with Better-Go-Now! Have fun!

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