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Kick Your Job

You don’t have the guts to quit? We support you!

We, the Better-Go-Now team, are convinced that it makes sense to get off the hamster wheel and travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sabbatical or a complete exit. Travel educates, travel makes free, travel makes happy.

How many people are like you a creature of habit and afraid of the new? And worry about the big change? According to our motto “stop dreaming. start traveling”, we support you and all those who carry big travel plans around with them, but have not had the courage to realize these plans and leave everyday life behind.

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What we offer to you

We are your supporters, your conscience and your advisor, actively helping you to quit your job, take a break, make travel plans and book your first flight to paradise.

Details: Our plan

  1. Realitycheck
    What are your plans regarding timing, budget, organization? Are you well prepared enough? You tell us your plan.
  2. Motivation
    You will get a feedback from us in which we will show you your possibilities and chances and we will show you once again clearly what the jump into adventure can bring and why you should definitely do it.
  3. Seriousness
    Quit! Yes, it’s getting serious. That’s the most important part of this program. Write your resignation and hand it in or submit your application to the Sabattical. We support you individually, for example with questions around the preparation of the resignation document and with the procedure of the handover, so that there are no problems. No more excuses: We will be very persistent here and stick to it.
  4. Start
    The goal has been achieved, the most important step has been taken. We will give you tips on how to start your trip, cheap flight bookings, recommendations on countries, organisation and you will become part of our exclusive network. It’s easy to find new friends on your trip.
  5. Freedom
    Even after the Kick-your-Job-Program we and the community are there for you during the trip! For questions and challenges that seem unsolvable to you, you’ll find support in our community.
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Kick your Job-Deal:

The support program costs 499,- Euro (incl. VAT) and 250,- Euro target deposit. The invoice will be issued by our german headquarter.

You deposit the 250,- Euro with us. If you reach your goal, you get it back. If you do not reach your goal (confirmed termination), the entire deposit will be donated to a social project that gives children and teens the possibility to travel, when their parents can’t afford it. You will find more details about this program in your mails.  

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Detailed information and condition

Request now your place in the “Kick Your Job” – support program!

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The professional accompaniment of the decisive step to quit the job or to take a break (e.g. Sabbatical) was very often requested by us. We therefore assume that there is a great deal of interest in the program. Make your request here if you are sure you want our help.

Fill out the inquiry form completely and send it off.
In any case, we will send you the binding booking form and further information about the procedure as soon as it is available.