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How you can make the first steps on Better-Go-Now
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Your first steps on

Do you want to experience breathtaking journeys and spend as less money as possible? Are you searching for ideas and inspirations for your adventure? Do you want to create your own blog and share your experiences with other people? Do you search for a cool backpacking community? Are you searching for an interesting travel partner?

You’ll find exactly what you want here
… and much more!

Browse through numerous blogs
or create your own


You’ll find the funniest, most exciting and informative travel blogs from interesting people all over the world. Let others inspire and motivate you!



Create blogs with text, photos, and videos and decide who can see your contents. It’s all free and simple! Come and try it!



Create five blog contents and apply for Better-Go-Now’s membership to make money and expand your audience at the same time…


Entertainment for Travellers
The best books, movies and music


The hundred most touching and exciting books for all reading and traveling enthusiasts. 8 genres. There’s something for everyone!



More than 140 of the best movies for freedom-loving people and adventurers. Trailers, reviews, and 8 genres. Get inspired!



Create the perfect music list for your journey. Choose from our collection of over 400 of the greatest songs for a road trip. Listen to them!


Create a cool profile on

  • Bucket List:

    Create your personal list of things you would like to accomplish before a determined time and comfortably modify it under your profile. You already accomplished that? Simply cross it off your list…

  • Like-Function:

    Do you like a book or a movie? Do you love a certain blog? Show it to us and click on the heart button in order to like it.

  • Friends:

    Have you found new friends on your journey? Use Better-Go-Now’s friends function to keep in contact with them.

  • Photo Gallery:

    Easily load up your favorite photos under your profile and share your travel experiences with friends.

  • Search and find Travel Buddies:

    Do you want to find a travel partner for a long trip, a short trip, or a couple of drinks? No matter what, you’ll find what you’re searching for here. Read through our announcements and meet interesting people. You haven’t found anyone? Leave a message and let yourself be found!

  • Follower:

    Do you want to exchange experiences with other travelers? Do you want to never again miss any contents of your favorite blogger? Then “follow” her/him and keep up-to-date.

  • Chat:

    Do you want to chat with your favorite bloggers and make an appointment with them? Reach them through our chat!

You will have a lot of fun!

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Travel Preparation: Other important points!
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