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With these tips and tricks you
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You are looking for some guidance to write a successful blog? Then we’ve got something for you here! Follow our advice on the list and start your blog today!

Be smart!
You just have to know how to do it!


You can be successful in many ways. Therefore, there is no right or wrong. However, if you have a good strategy, your chances to win a wider audience and thus being more successful will increase. Therefore, why shouldn’t you try to optimize the selection of you topics, for example. Do it! You’ll see, it pays off!

Which headline would you click?
1. “Escape the hamster wheel and take walk on the wild side”
2. “Thailand Cambodia Laos Vietnam; 15 June 2016 – 30 July 2016

This list Is supposed to serve as a creative input and not as a guideline cast in stone. Make use of it!

Tip #1: You are the expert!

How does one achieve what only few achieve?

Show your readers how something works that they would like to know, too. Guide them and make yourself the expert. You are providing your readers with solutions for their problems. Help them! Vault yourself to a role model by showing others you are managing to do things that most others don’t. Show them your strengths!

  • “Do you want to be a digital nomad? I show you how!”
  • “From illiterate to blogger in just two months”!
  • “You want to see as much as possible from the world by spending as little money as possible? Then you are just right here!”
  • “How to experience the adventure of a lifetime”
  • “Get out of the hamster wheel and take a walk on the wild side”
  • “How to make the number of your readers explode”
  • “You would like to work less but earn much? I’ll show you how!”
  • “The fastest way to become a digital nomad that I know of.”
  • “How to save money for your eagerly awaited journey”
  • “How to write the best article”
  • “How do I find out which country fits me best?”
  • “How do I find out which country to travel next?”

Tip #2: Lists, lists and lists again!

What do I need for…?
What am I not supposed to forget at all?

  • “10 mistakes to absolutely avoid during your journey”
  • “10 things you’ll have to see”
  • “The 10 most stunning places on this planet”
  • “The 20 most important items to have with you on your journey”
  • “Things you have to forgo on your adventure”
  • “The perfect guidance for your adventure”
  • “Not committing a blunder with this etiquette”
  • “Turn your blog to cash with these awesome ploys”
  • “Have you ever made these mistakes?”
  • “10 basic rules for your perfect headline”

Tip #3: Find a market niche

Read through some successful bloggers and pay heed to what makes them unique. Pick a specific subject area to write about. Once you have one, we recommend to do some internet research, beforehand. If it is available on a huge scale you might want to try something else or approach the topic in a more specific way. The more thrilling, extraordinary and interesting your subject of choice is, the more readers you are going to attract, that’s for sure.

Tip #4: Reader-friendly arrangement of blogs

There is nothing more inconvenient than reading through endless text passages that are arranged without any paragraphs from headline to the last punctuation mark. Nowadays, as users decide within seconds whether it’s worth it reading a blog or not, layout is everything.

  • “Subtilize” your texts with the appropriate pictures
  • Don’t be stingy with paragraphs
  • Highlight parts of the text by letting them stand alone intentionally

E.g.: “The day of your long-awaited journey is coming closer and closer. Your nervousness is increasing accordingly. You are going through the list of things you are supposed to take with you by all means for the hundredth time. But, somehow, you manage to forget something every time, anyhow.

Never ever forget anything again!

Take my tips and you’ll be well-prepared for your trip. All you have to do is to follow the points below… etc.”

  • Use language everybody can understand and avoid unnecessary borrowed words.
  • Highlight certain words and phrases.
  • Write short and comprehensible sentences. Avoid too long multi-clause sentences, if possible.
  • Pay attention to font size of your texts. It might be deterrent if too little.
  • Make use of subheadings. Who said blogs are supposed to have only one headline?

Tip #5: Keep an eye on your competitors

It can’t be a bad thing to know how other bloggers arrange their blogs. What does and what doesn’t work properly? Get inspired! Copy some ideas is not a shame! A good copy can be even better than the original, sometimes. Remain fair, however! It’s alright to copy a topic, a style or a topical direction. It’s not ok to copy whole texts or the entire design. Know your metes and bounds!

Tip #6: Let others criticise you

Talk to other people about it and ask them precisely what they are thinking about your blog. Better not only talk to friends and family members because they often tend not to bring themselves to level criticism. Ask other bloggers and readers for their sincere opinion. There are countless blogger forums out there where you can post your blog to get an honest voice.

Tipp #7 Mach dich nackig

Obviously, don’t take that literally. You readers are not able to see you on the internet. You don’t have a real personality online. Create one by showing and describing to them who you are. Let your readers know who they are dealing with. Be authentic and ever-present. React on readers’ comments. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion. You might also want to show your vulnerable side once in a while. Write personal blogs about yourself:

  • My worst travel adventures…
  • 10 things I’ll never do again…
  • Relationships and me on my journey…
  • 15 things you didn’t know about me for sure…
  • The truth about my way of travelling…
  • 10 reason I…
  • What travelling has thought me…
  • 50 things about me part 1, part 2, part 3…

Tip #8: Great success doesn’t ensue overnight

Of course, everyone wants to be a successful blogger right from the start. Great fame, however, is a long time coming most of the time. Don’t become set on being famous too much. Rather pay attention on quality of your blog and constantly improving and optimizing it. Know your target group!

Tip #9: Connect with other bloggers

A good network is essential. If you have your own website, hyperlink other bloggers’ homepages so your website may be hyperlinked reciprocally. In the long run, this will heighten the number of your readers. Give tips to one another; support and promote each other. It won’t do any harm to be part of a blogger community. For this purpose, Better-Go-Now might be just the right thing for you!

Tip #10: A good design is half the battle

You want to create a website that is impressive? Pay attention to design. Arrange it in an orderly fashion. Make sure your blog doesn’t appear fussy. Choose colours and font cautiously. Neon green might be your favourite colour, but it won’t be appealing to the majority of readers and is rather daunting.

Tip #11: Blog regularly

Many people make the mistake to let blogging slide if the desired success doesn’t ensue immediately. We advise you to blog regularly. It doesn’t even really matter whether you do it every three days or just once a month. Even if your readers might be little in number in the beginning, a certain regularity is important, for those who follow your blog entries, nevertheless. Keep it rolling!

Tip #12: Find your writing style

Blogs of the real great bloggers are so famous because they are written authentically. Therefore, we recommend not play-act. Just be yourself!

Tip #13: Make use of social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can help to increase your range. Be present regularly, post something every now and then. Even if it’s just some nice photos together with some thoughtful words. Avoid being forgotten!

Tip #14: Start your blog! NOW!

Stop talking about how much you would like to blog, just to find out later you haven’t done it once again. Because, for real, what’s the worst that could happen? Your blog doesn’t come over big? Screw that! Write another one. And another one. Just try out something! You’ll see, it gets better with every time you do it. If you don’t want to start with your very own website, it makes perfect sense to begin with Better-Go-Now.

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