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Travel and Health - Best advices and useful tips for a safe trip. Be smart!

You are looking forward to a long-awaited journey but thinking about all the diseases and infamous viruses of which many stories have been told are creeping the living hell out of you? Our advice – calm down! Take a few minutes and read through our tips, tricks and recommendations. As you will see, if you take our advice, your journey will turn out smooth and gentle.

Calm down!

Before you keep on reading, we would like to point out that we prefer natural products to chemical ones, since pharmaceutical products often carry side effects with it, unfortunately. Of course, there are situations in which it makes perfect sense to ingest products of pharmaceutical companies. But especially when it comes to prevention (strengthening of immune system, sunburn, diarrhoea, constipation) we have made our best experiences with natural products. You’ll know what you’ll get!

Be smart!
Think for yourself and prevent!

“Life is what’s happening
while you are busy making other plans!”


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  • Diseases, viruses: It’s so easy to catch flu. Everyone knows the various symptoms. As you certainly know, the only thing you can do is to hang on and much sleep. It’s worse if it’s something serious. We recommend to go with your gut. If you realize that you aren’t better after a few days, we’ll advise you to go to the hospital or to consult a doctor.
  • Travel diarrhoea or constipation: Jetlag, an alien climate, hygienic standards, unfamiliar foods or stress and nervousness. These and many more might serve as components to throw your digestion out of its rhythm. Some of the stories we have experienced ourselves and we have heard of several others – we know what we are talking about. To make absolutely sure not to have those unpleasant travelling companions with you right from the start, read through our tips, tricks and recommendations. Because we all agree that if your digestion acts up, travelling is only half the fun.
  • Accidents: Nobody wants to think about such scenarios. Nevertheless, accidents happen! A friend our ours severely injured his leg in a car accident. The final costs (for the hospital stay and surgeries in Thailand) accounted for more than € 100.000. His travel health insurance bore all costs. And don’t worry, he is doing well again. From our point of view such things should be thought about beforehand. Therefore, start your adventure well-prepared and without any concerns. Do you already know the best and keenest insurances which we have tested just for you? Check out our insurance recommendations!

  • Sunburn, sunstroke: In many countries with a hot climate, aloe vera is well-known as miracle plant. It acts cooling and wound-healing. In case you are unable to obtain this plant, we as Better-Go-Now team recommend the natural product “After Sun Spray” with liquorice root, bisabolol and many more, great ingredients. We love this spray! Otherwise, the only thing to do is sit tight, moan and drink lots of water.
  • Food poisoning: You’re hanging on the toilet pan, cursing. But as long as you are able to curse, you should know it could have been much worse. Make sure to ingest enough liquids and to compensate for your loss of electrolytes. A very simple but effective household remedy therefore would be: Mix 1 litre of water, 8 teaspoonful of sugar and 1 teaspoonful of salt and drink it. If you still have the feeling it’s not getting better after some time, you’ll better consult a doctor.
  • Inflammation of the bladder: Just imagine, you are riding on a bus for the next 8 hours – and after the third time on the toilet your toilet paper is finished but the drive still takes so long. That’s what happened to a friend of mine and she swore that she didn’t want to experience that feeling EVER, and I mean EVER, again. And it is really preventable, namely with vegan and natural bladder and kidney capsules by RINGANA which contain cranberry, hibiscus flowers and coleus extracts, among others.


  • Drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration.
  • Simple household remedies, such as the right teas, can already give relief to indigestion. (Tea made of black berry leaves, blueberry tea, peppermint tea…)
  • Avoid small, stagnant waters. Oftentimes, they are niduses for bacteria.
  • The smell coming from the cook shop at the side of the road is lovely, but appearances can be deceptive. Quite often, hygienic standards don’t match what you are used to. If a food stand appears fishy, better look for another one.
  • If you, just like as, want to avoid medication as much as possible, we recommend you natural products by RINGANA. The cleansing pack with ingredients like figs, beetroot, acerola and many more will help you to prevent diarrhoea and constipation.
  • In some areas, it is recommendable to brush your teeth with bottled water only!
  • Mostly, travel diarrhoea is caused by bacteria. Most of the time, this can be avoided by washing your hands regularly. Of course, one doesn’t always have the opportunity. Therefore, we advise you to always carry a little tube of hand disinfection with you.
  • Obviously, there is a countless number of medicaments on the market. However, over the years we have moved away more and more from these products, as long as they are not absolutely necessary.
  • In case you are still suffering from diarrhoea or constipation after your journey, we advise you to consult a tropical doctor in your area. You might have caught something that needs to be examined.

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  • Only ingest easily digestible and small meals briefly before your departure
  • If possible, avoid gassy drinks, coffee or black tea. In combination with a change of climate, this often can lead to flatulence.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated. In many holiday destinations, it tends to be hot. That circumstance is capable of boosting a starting constipation.
  • Avoid bananas, red wine or exotic fruits of which you don’t really know how they are going to affect your digestion.
  • We advise you not to self-medicate with laxatives. Especially with such kind of medicine, habituation can set in easily. We rather recommend the Cleansing pack by RINGANA with ingredients like figs, beetroot, acerola and many more in order to prevent constipation in the first place. Link
  • You are in country where they like to cook spicily? Well then, put another chili on your meal. That might already give you some relief.
  • Physical exercise and sports can help your bowel to liven up.
  • If possible, tend to eat local foods. Mostly, they are the best and most natural laxatives. These include: Lentils, beans, legumes or boiled vegetables. Yoghurt with dried fruits are suitable, too, to liven up your digestion.
  • If recovery doesn’t set in within a few days, we advise you to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Make sure there isn’t anything else causing the constipation.



In order to enjoy your journey to the fullest, we advise you to prepare appropriately, beforehand. Having a proper travel health insurance is one thing, but you’ll prevent many things from happening by taking to heart some of our tips and tricks.

You are still looking for an appropriate travel health insurance designed for your needs and requirements? We have carefully examined the best insurances for travellers. Check out our insurance recommendations!

Glorified and demonized – much discussed matter of vaccinations. But there isn’t a right or wrong. Vaccinations are something really personal. It’s a decision which everybody has to make on their own. If you happen to strictly oppose vaccinations, inform yourself if there are any mandatory vaccines in your country of choice. If you are unsure, we recommend consulting a tropical doctor or institute.

Immune system and digestive tract
Strengthen beforehand – with natural products

Being sick on a journey is truly annoying. Having an immune system which resists all sorts of viruses and bacteria would be quite useful. In order to achieve that you ought to eat a balanced diet, not smoke, only drink little alcohol and consume drugs and of course do sports. Or you do it like us and chose the more – let’s say – easier way, namely by using natural IMMU-CAPS by RINGANA. Interested? There’s more on the topic below.


  1. Thick socks
    Do you think just because there are 30 degrees and more at your destination you don’t need any thick socks? Well, you’re wrong! In our experience, air planes, busses and taxis are totally over-chilled, oftentimes. So be prepared. Nobody likes having a cold at arrival, already.

  2. Fresh fruits for your immune system
    You like fresh fruits? Even better. At many destinations, you’ll get a rash of fruits which couldn’t be fresher and seem to brim over with vitamins. That’s the best you can do for your immune system.

  3. Avoid too much sun
    Protect yourself from the sun. Locals are capable of appraising the sun and avoid it during primetime. Prevent being sunburned by wearing long cloths and headgear. Use sunscreen with high sun protection factor! Depending where you are, solar radiation might be very high, even without you noticing it.

  4. Drink sufficiently
    VDrink a lot. And we are not talking about alcohol here. Most travellers chose destinations hotter than their country of origin. You’ll sweat a lot more! That’s why your body requires constant liquid supply.

  5. Properly-closed screw-plug
    When purchasing bottles of water, always make sure the screw-plugs are closed properly. We have already experienced that kiosk and store owners refilled used bottles with tap water and to resell them.

  6. Use clean water
    Depending where you are, you shouldn’t even use tap water to brush your teeth. Best is asking a local or at your accommodation how it’s done in this country.

  7. Avoid ice cubes
    Heat can drive you mad. All the more compelling a cold drink can be. However, we strongly advise you not to consume ice cubes. Oftentimes, these are produced with tap water which often isn’t drinkable, as you know.

  8. Wash your hands frequently
    In foreign countries, you get in contact with a lot of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wash your hands more often than usual. If you don’t have water on you disposal all the time, we recommend to always carry a small tube of disinfecting agent with you.

  9. Disinfect
    Always disinfect small wounds and cuts, even if you wouldn’t take heed of them when at home. In a foreign country, your body is exposed to pathogens that your body is unfamiliar with.

  10. Favour meals typical for the region
    Nutrition contributes tremendously to an intact health. Try to eat local food since “tourist meals” such as burgers and pizza are qualitatively inferior, oftentimes.

  11. Keep calm!
    Travel slowly and leisurely. Permit yourself some recreational breaks so your body can relax. Because, even though being incredibly awesome, travelling can be pretty exhausting and energy-sapping.

  12. Annoying mosquitos
    Protect yourself from mosquitos. Some diseases are transmitted by these greedy bloodsuckers. Prevent that by wearing long cloths during the time of the day when most mosquitos are around. Sleep under a mosquito net during the night. Apart from that, we can truly recommend this great natural spray which keeps mosquitos away and is so lovely refreshing, additionally. With mint, menthol, lemon myrtle oil and many more precious ingredients. Find out more!

  13. Use our common sense
    Hiking in flip-flops or riding a scooter in bathers and t-shirts are not exactly the best ideas. However, it seems to be as it is with hot stove plates – some have to touch is several times until they realize that it’s hot. And of course, we are the ones ourselves. Who really wants to wear long cloths while riding a scooter when it is 30 degrees outside?

  14. Check in to a comfortable accommodation when ill
    If you catch an illness which is not a serious threat but still lasts for longer than 2-3 days, allow yourself to check in to a comfortable accommodation. It’s better to suffer in a nice environment.

  15. Don’t drive yourself crazy!
    Last but not least, don’t drive yourself crazy. In spite of everything told above, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll pick up a serious disease. If you take some of our tips, you’ll truly be able to prevent a lot.



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