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The best 25 tips, tricks and advices to
improve the quality of your vlogs

You’d like to earn money with your video blogs? You already have a YouTube or Vimeo channel and want to reach out to a greater audience with your travel blogs? You’d like to stand out from other vloggers and video bloggers? You’d like to shoot videos for yourself and your friends? Take a look at our tips and tricks, they might be just want to need!

Optimise your video blogs following our advice!

Wie das geht? Einfach weiterlesen und durchstarten!


VLOG and FMA (follow me around):

A “vlog“ simply means “video blog“. So it is an experiential report in the form of a video. “Vloggers” sit in front of the camera and talk to the audience about various topics.

In an FMA the “vloggers“ don’t just sit in front of their camera to talk; instead they film their everyday life. This point of view feels more real for the spectators, as they gain deeper insights into the person’s life.


Although the definitions draw a clear line between the two, they often get mixed up. By now, vlogs often have the same content as FMAs.

Get started now…

#Tipp 1: Basics

Generally, it doesn’t matter whether you’d rather post videos of landscapes or people, or if you just document your day. Filming is supposed to be fun. That’s why you should primarily film what you feel like most. There are three essential things that make up a good video.

  • Good video quality
  • Good audio quality
  • Good editing

#Tip 2: Video equipment

Everyone has their own preferences about their basic technical equipment. We recommend to upgrade your equipment bit by bit when you have come to like vlogging. In the beginning, you need the following things to create a nice video:

  • Laptop to cut and edit videos.
  • Camera that can record high-quality videos.
  • Additional memory card to save data.

#Tip 3: The right preparation

Depending on the type of video you want to shoot, you need the right preparation. If, for instance, you want to just film landscapes, it is fairly easy to cut and put together the sequences afterwards and add music.

Good preparation is half the battle!

If you also want to speak in your videos, you should think about what you want to talk about beforehand and perhaps even prepare a little script.

Advice: Make sure the audio quality of your camera is good. Test the microphone at different places while you speak. If the audio is bad, you can buy an additional small microphone.

#Tip 4: The right camera

Even if your mobile phone has a good camera, its photographs and videos will be nothing like those of a good video camera. Nowadays you can get very good cameras at a reasonable price.

Advice: Get connected with other vloggers, ask them which cameras they use to film. Also read through forums of other vloggers.

#Tip 5: Learn the basics

You don’t need to be a professional filmer to shoot great videos or vlogs. It doesn’t hurt to learn a few things about photography on the internet, though.

Advice:Make sure you have the right settings for exposure and HD resolution. This will improve your videos a great deal!

#Tip 6: Let other vloggers inspire you!

Many great YouTubers give away the tips and tricks they use for their videos.

How do others do it?
They watch vlogs of other YouTubers!

So just do it the same way and watch other people’s vlogs to get some inspiration! It’s okay to copy a few little things. But don’t overdo it! It’s not cool to copy others completely.

#Tip 7: Relax!

The people you pass look at you strangely when you walk the streets, filming yourself? Don’t be disturbed by their glances. Just think about the great video your fans will see in the end. That’s what it’s all about!

#Tip 8: Be authentic

On the internet, in particular, people want to know the identity of the person they see in a video. Admit weaknesses and show your strengths. Allow yourself to make mistakes, too. This will make you more human and likable.

Advice:You could, for example, shoot a vlog with the title “10 things you didn’t know about me“. This raises curiosity and gives your fans the chance of getting to know you better. This will create a personal relationship between your fans and yourself.

#Tip 9: Find a niche

Decide to talk about a specific subject that you like. We recommend looking on the internet to see if it’s a topic that has already been written and talked about excessively. The more unique, interesting and exciting your topic, the more viewers you will have. Viewers who will stick to you!

#Tip 10: Common beginner’s mistakes

A typical beginner’s mistake that you can avoid easily is to look through the camera lens the right way. Don’t look onto the flip screen (if your camera has one), but directly into the lens. Similarly, you shouldn’t just talk non-stop or show the same scene for the whole length of the video. Bring some movement into your videos!

#Tip 11: Act like an expert

Talk to your audience about experiences you made about certain topics. Avoid using complex technical terms and contexts which people might have a hard time understanding. Speak in a way that everybody understands. Speak to your specific audience!

#Tip 12: Create your vlogs uniquely

You have decided to vlog regularly? Perfect! Make yourself known and recognizable!

Be unique!

  • Start with an interesting intro preceding each of your video blogs (e.g. showing the same scenes, with great music and optionally your name, username or logo)
  • Before the intro, display a short summary about the video of just a few seconds, informing your audience what the vlog is about.
  • Arrange the scenes clearly (e.g. show the place, day or hour when scenes switch)

#Tip 13: Make mistakes!

It took you a lot of time to finish shooting your video. While finally looking through all the video sequences, you notice a slip of the tongue or you hear yourself explaining something the wrong way.

Don’t worry!

Just display a text during the relevant scenes correcting the false statements.

#Tip 14: Vlog on a regular basis!

If you tell your audience that you will upload a video blog every Tuesday and Thursday, please keep your promise! You will rapidly lose viewers if you don’t keep your word. Fulfil your fans’ expectations!

Vlog regularly and become successful!

Advice: If, against all odds, you cannot hold your promise, let your audience know. A short video explaining that you’re “running late” is enough.

#Tip 15: Stay in touch with your fans!

If your aim is to earn money with your video blogs, you need to build up a community that watches your vlogs regularly. So appreciate your fans and care about them.

Cherish your community!

Respond to their comments, ask how they liked your videos or vlogs. Ask them to leave comments or likes. Ask for requests or inspiration for your next videos.

#Tip 16: Get connected with other vloggers

A good network is essential. Get connected with other vloggers and support each other with tips and tricks. It doesn’t hurt to have a vlogger community as a back-up. Better-Go-Now is perfect for this.

#Tip 17: Video editing

Your job isn’t finished with recording your video. Once that’s done, the next thing is to put together the video sequences.

The finishing touch!

This is just as important as filming your video. To start with, helpful programs like Windows Movie Maker (for all computers using Windows) or iMovie (Mac) are sufficient and are usually pre-installed on every laptop. If you come to like vlogging, it may pay off to look for better alternatives.

#Tip 18: The right soundtrack for your video blogs

Polish your videos with music, either for the whole length of the video or just in spots, that’s up to you. Make sure you use license-free music. Nowadays there are plenty of websites that you can get music from for free. Use it for the final touch of your vlogs.

Be expectional!

Advice: Often you can find unusual songs on websites that you have to pay a monthly fee for. Depending on the website, you pay a sum monthly or for each song. If you vlog on a regular basis, we recommend to think about such an investment. Clearly, you will stand out from other vloggers when you use music that others don’t use.

#Tip 19: All is well that ends well…

Always end your videos in a positive way. You may want to show a short interesting trailer for your next video or vlog. There’s no doubt your fans won’t want to miss out on any of your videos.

#Tip 20: Evolve

Do not tread on the same spot for too long. Just because a video is well-liked, it doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t try something new. Provide variety to keep your community interested!

Try different things!

#Tip 21: Length

Even if you have a lot to speak about or feel very proud of all the countless beaches and sunsets you’ve captured …

Don’t overshoot the length of your videos.

Provided your video blogs are interesting and diverse and follow a well-thought-out plot, they may well be 10 to 15 minutes long. However, if your video shows landscapes, a few minutes are absolutely enough to capture it all.

#Tip 22: Draw people’s attention

An interesting and well-thought-out heading increases the amount of views you’ll get. Which video would you rather watch?

  • 10.06.16-30.6.16, Tour of Vietnam
  • My crazy trip to Laos

Of course, the title should match the content of your video. By reading the title, viewers automatically expect certain things about your video or vlog. And of course they are disappointed when they don’t get what they expect.

#Tip 23: Simply get started!

You are still not sure whether video blogging is the right thing for you? Just try it out. You will never know if you like it if you don’t even try.

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