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How To Care For Your Artificial Grass
by DelDangelo
How To Care For Your Artificial Grass
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Artificial grass in most cases is extremely resistant to any types of stains and discolouring. The build up of leaves can also effect the natural drainage capabilities the synthetic turf.
4 Tips On How To Care For Your Easy Turf Artificial Grass
Easy Turf artificial grass is extremely durable, but there are some extra precautions you can take to make sure your synthetic turf looks and feels its best. By following our ‘How to care for your artificial grass’ tips, your artificial grass can last a lifetime.
1: Clear Away Any Rocks or Rubbish
General wear and tear along with harsh weather conditions can cause organic materials to land on your artificial grass, so make sure you keep an eye on any build up they may occur. Moisture captured under these organic materials including rocks, sticks and leaves can leave an eroding effect on your artificial grass if left unattended for a long period of time. The build up of leaves can also effect the natural drainage capabilities the synthetic turf has, so be sure to look out for any over hanging deciduous trees and bushes that can cause this situation and remove accordingly.
2: Pressure Wash any Stains
Artificial grass in most cases is extremely resistant to any types of stains and discolouring, however, Easy Turf recommends you remove any stains immediately to ensure the natural colour of your artificial grass. The most effective way to remove stains is with a high pressure hose or gernie. If you don’t have a high pressure hose, then we recommend using a hot bucket of soapy water, scrub and then rinse off. Stains that can be removed in this fashion include all types of food and drink stains.
For more stubborn stains including oils, greases and polishes make sure you use a specific mineral spirit or grease spot removers, which can be found at your local supermarket.
Always rinse off with either warm or cold water to remove any lasting chemical residue.
3: Applying Weed Killer To Your Artificial Grass
Here at Easy Turf we want to make sure your artificial grass remains looking perfect all year round, so we recommend using a weed killer product that you can get from your local hardware or gardening store, and spraying the entire surface of your fake grass annually. Its nearly impossible to stop the odd weed creeping through the surface of your artificial grass, so this will help burn the weeds perfectly and then allow you to sweep off easily using a broom.
4: Artificial grass and your animals
For all Easy Turf customers that have family pets, the artificial grass is often the place where the animals leave their business behind. Our artificial turf can handle this with ease, so there is no need to worry that it will effect the natural look of your grass. However, we do recommend that you pick up the animals feces with a shovel and then remove any left over stains by spraying it with a high pressure hose.
Your fake grass will not leave any bad odours behind from your animals feces, but in any extreme cases you may be able to buy a deodoriser from your local hardware or gardening store to combat any smelly situation.
Don’t forget to look up above, any over hanging tress that birds can sit on while they do their annoying droppings isn’t ideal for keeping your artificial grass in perfect condition. For extra reading on artificial grass and your animals, we recommend you read turf for your furry family members.
So there you have it, 4 easy things you can do to keep your Easy Turf artificial grass looking absolutely amazing all year round.
If you’re after a quote, you can either chat to us directly on 1300 EASY TURF or fill out our straight forward Request A Quote and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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