Goa – This Time, Witness Art and Culture
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Goa – This Time, Witness Art and Culture
Goa – This Time, Witness Art and Culture
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The summer is already here. In India this means taking a leave from work, packing your bags and going on a summer getaway. Summertime also calls for a refreshing dip in the ocean. The best part about living in India is that it exercises diversity not just in culture but also in landscape. Therefore, this summer if you are craving for a tropical holiday book your flights to Goa today.

Goa is a highly popular vacation destination. Most Indians who like to travel would have visited goa. However, this summer if you plan on going to goa, dsomething different. What many do not know is that Goa is a thriving art and culture destination along with being a party hub. Many who travel to goa get inspired by the peace and tranquillity that the beach offers convert this emotion into art. There are various state funded museums, art galleries and pop up shows that display local and international artwork. Some places you can visit to get a glimpse yourself are:
  • Art Chamber: Also known as the Gaeria de Belas Artes, this was established in 1992. The crux of this art house is to showcase the East-meetsWest cultural influences. 

  • Kerkar Art This is the home of sculptures and installations of Dr Subobh Kerkar. It is often described as a soothing and immersive culture. His art is distinguished from other Indian artists on the basis of his use of nature

  • Kala Academy: This is a government of Goa aided project that is aimed at establishing and nurturing young artists, dramatics, dancers and singers. A multi-functional studio where in there are Goan amateur artists that are encouraged.

  • Monsoon Heritage Studio This studio is one of Goa’s best kept secrets. It is tucked away at the bottom of a narrow pathway. It is only accessible by walking through the tropical forest. It is the perfect backdrop for Yahel Chirinian’s mosaic artwork. 

  • Gitanjali Gallery: This gallery is an extension of the Panjim Inn hotel. It is easy to get the guest to visit this luring gallery. Some of the local artists in this called include Mohan Naik and Jayashree Patankar. Both these artists have had national as well as international success.

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