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A Day Trip to New York
by Sarahontheroad
A Day Trip to New York
New York City is probably on everyone’s list of cities to dip into, but it’s so huge as to often seem overwhelming.
A day trip to the beach, countryside, specific site, or a small town sometimes seems more sensible than a day trip to a big city. There’s so much to see and do in a big place that it’s difficult to know where to start.

New York City is probably on everyone’s list of cities to dip into, but it’s so huge as to often seem overwhelming.

You can make your day trip less so by making sure to book your travel in advance and packing well for the trip. Take a drink, some snacks, a book, games, or music; a neck pillow can help you stay relaxed and stress-free whilst en route.

You could book into one of the many hourly hotels in NYC with DayBreakhotels, which offer a chance to rest up between bouts of sightseeing. The low cost of such rooms means that your day trip is still super cost effective, and you can even extend your trip from early until late as you’ll feel really well rested and re-energized after a few hours in your hotel of choice.

A day trip to a city is sometimes called a ‘micro-trip’. In a place like NYC, it’s all about seeing the main sights and packing them into your one day trip. A micro-trip is possible even from another country, but of course it’ll be a lot easier to come in from a place already within the USA. 

A typical day trip might run something along the following lines:

  • Arrive in NYC
  • If you’ve not had breakfast, why not try the amazing Russ & Daughters for breakfast or brunch
  • Take a stroll around Central Park, which you can enter at 59th Street or at Central Park South 
  • In the park, make sure to see Belvedere Castle, an iconic construction built in 1869
  • Visit the Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue and enjoy the Channel Gardens as well as the view from the observation deck
  • Check out Grand Central Station, if you didn’t already come in here, and marvel at the beautiful ceiling, tiles, and stairways. If you did come in here, then the New York Public Library, on the corner of 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, possesses a gorgeous Beaux-Arts lobby and is glorious to behold

  • Enjoy lunch at a famous cafe, such as Kats’z Delicatessen, famed for its pastrami, beef, and bagels
  • Rest in your hourly hotel room or on a park bench
  • Take the Staten Island ferry for a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty
  • Following this, choose a museum and take in some of the world’s best art - there are several excellent museums to choose from, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim
  • Take in Times Square by night
  • Enjoy dinner and drinks somewhere cool, such as East Village or Hell’s Kitchen
New York makes for a very exciting day out that you will surely never forget. It can be done as a micro-trip, for sure. Don’t forget your camera! NYC makes for some very memorable snaps, and you’ll be very glad you made the trip there.

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