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Four Fantastic Flydrive Destinations USA
by Sarahontheroad
Four Fantastic Flydrive Destinations USA
  •  United States
A ‘flydrive’ vacation - also known as a fly-drive, a self-drive, a road trip or a multi-center vacation - is one in which you fly to a certain destination, pick up a hire car at the airport, and then continue your trip by road.

It’s a great option for folk who love the control and ease of driving but want to explore somewhere a bit further from home without all those ‘empty miles’ of journeying in between.

It’s also a highly convenient mode of taking a vacation, as you can forget having to fine-tune and prep your own automobile, but rely on others to set up the car at the other end, as well as take it easy knowing that your plane will be set up by experts from its wing tips right down to its aircraft bearings

No fuss, no prep, no problem! The only issues for you will be which destination to choose...
Flydrive options are available all over the world, but since we’ve been in lockdown we’re craving some local sights and sounds! So, here are some top flydrive destinations within the USA, of course including an airport so you can switch from wings to wheels en route.

1. New York, New York

Fly into JFK Airport, as so many stars and celebrities have done, and take your car into Manhattan. ‘The Island’ is a cultural hub of shops, stores, restaurants, bars, and brilliant museums. We miss this busy epicentre! Highlights include Fifth Avenue, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and dancing the night away in Devil’s Kitchen.

2. Grand Canyon

Phoenix, Arizona is the easiest airport to fly into for this one. It’s then just over 250 miles to the canyon, one of the more grand and epic sights in all the world! If you’re flying a way in, then consider spending a night at a resort in Scottsdale, not far from Phoenix before you continue your once-in-a-lifetime journey. You can easily expand this road trip to include the Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef National Parks.

3. The Cool Californian Coast

The great thing about this edge of the US is the sheer number of spots you can pack into a single trip! Why not fly into San Francisco and spend a little time there, before heading out to scenic Yosemite for a spot of hiking, then back to the coast and down to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego? If you’re a surfer, then hire a board as there will definitely be some waves to catch!

4. Amazing Alaska

Don’t forget that Alaska is part of the US and it’s also a fantastic destination for the flydrive experience. Fly into Anchorage and then drive to Seward, where you can see the awesome Exit Glacier and visit the Alaska SeaLife Center aquarium. Denali National Park, as well as Wrangell St. Elias National Park, are also beautiful and entirely captivating destinations, full of glacial wonder and epic scenery.

Flydrive brings you the best of both near and far, essentially. Try it for yourself, sometime.

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