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Trapped on a Desert Island
by Sarahontheroad
Trapped on a Desert Island
Imagine if you were trapped on a desert island, and ask yourself what it would be like? Of course, if you were on your own it would be worse, and you would have to depend on your own knowledge and skills to get by. You could get very lonely. You would need to find food, and build some sort of shelter. Depending on how you came to be stranded would determine what you had with you. Have you got any tools you can use? How far away are you from civilisation? How likely is it that there will be any passing ships or planes? So many questions needing answers.
You would certainly have plenty of time on your hands, and if you had a portable computing device you could at least use it until the power ran out. Perhaps you used to enjoy the puzzle of Sudoku on google play, but what would you do now?

World Trip, Traveling Solo, Tips and Tricks