The Booming Space Business
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The Booming Space Business
by Spacey
The Booming Space Business
The space industry has made many incredible technological developments over the years, and now there are serious plans for eventually colonising Mars. Speaking of new developments, one of the latest is for Stratolaunch, the world’s largest plane, which it is said, can be used to launch a shuttle-sized rocket into space. This is the sort of news that shows how cutting edge technologies are being used, so let us take a look at the booming space business, as it currently exists, and see how it looks all set to grow even further.


Of course, one of the biggest names in the field of space research is NASA, and showing how important technological research and development is, the organisation has awarded $96 million to American small businesses working in the space industry. In fact, it is private businesses, not governments, that are leading the way with space research. In many ways this is not surprising, because, since its early days, NASA has used private companies to design components and develop technologies it uses. These companies are continuing to make a major contribution to space exploration and developments.
Technologies are being created to improve space engineering, as well as research into ways of making better use of fuels. This is why the science of tribology, which is a study of friction, wear and lubrication in machinery, is vitally important in space research and development. NASA also supports further investigations into aeronautics, as well as human exploration of space.

Elon Musk and SpaceX

With reference to space exploration, Elon Musk is leading the way, with his very ambitious plan for colonising Mars. He is aiming to create a self-sustaining city on Mars, and has given the provisional date of 2024. He also believes that humans will become a spacefaring civilisation. 
Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, and it is a combination of being an aerospace manufacturer and a space transport service company. He is on the cutting edge of technologies that are used in space travel and research, and his most recent achievement was the successful launch on 6 February, 2018, of the Falcon Heavy, which is the most powerful rocket ever built. 
One of Musk’s main goals is to reduce the cost and reliability of accessing sace. 


One way that space has been accessed and used for many years is via satellites. There are so many ways these objects can be employed to benefit us. For example, satellites are used for communication, and they are being developed by SpaceX as part of a massive global network. Satellites are also useful for monitoring the planet below, with regard to deforestation, desertification and keeping an eye on the ice caps, so they play a big role in climate action.
Space technologies can be used in so many ways that are improving our lives, and look all set to be doing so in future. If Musk is right, space exploration will be the future for the human race.