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Honeymoon in Disney World!
by WorldWideBlog
Honeymoon in Disney World!
Our author Kendel is talking about her Disney World honeymoon!  Hey friends! Since I talked about me getting engaged last time, I would like to tell you about my honeymoon. We went to Disney World in Orlando, FL! Neither of us has ever been and we had a Cinderella themed wedding so it was perfect! We stayed for 6 nights and it was the perfect amount of time to go to every park, water park, and some shopping! Would you also like Disney World Honeymoon? The first day we went to the Animal Kingdom. It was so awesome. My favorite ride there would probably have to be the safari because I love animals. We also tried to break up a duck fight because nobody else would, but that didn’t work out lol. The second day we went to both of the water parks. One was a winter in summer themed. It had a ski lift that took you all the way to the tallest 
slide. The wave pool here was crazy! It didn’t do continuous little waves.. it did one huge 6ft wave like every 5 minutes. It was the coolest wave pool I’ve ever been in! We also played the winter in summer putt corse. It was a good way to end the day because we were so sunburnt lol. The 3rd day we went to Epcot first. I thought this park was really cool and I liked all the space rides. My favorite ride in that park was Soarin. You sat in a chair in front of a HUGE screen. When all the lights went off the chairs lifted and it felt like you were flying over all these cool places! They even put a fan on you so it felt like you were actually gliding through the wind! We also went to Hollywood Studios that day. That was out favorite park because we love the old Hollywood vibe. Our favorite ride was, of course, theTower of Terror. I think we rode it like 20 times lol we loved it! Our 4th day we went to Magic Kingdom. I absolutely loved the cinderella castle. It was beautiful. I loved seeing all the characters. We even got to see the carriage that was in the real cinderella movie! My favorite ride was the Little Mermaid ride because she is my favorite Disney princess. The 5th day we went to Downtown Disney and did some shopping. We also did the 5 story arcade and that place was awesome! We made time to go back to Hollywood Studios so we could ride the Tower of Terror a couple more times. The 6th day we went to Universal Studios. Not gonna lie, that was the highlight of our trip. Don’t get me wrong Disney was amazing. We just personally thought Universal was more fun. It was expensive, but it is totally worth every penny and if you go out to Disney, I HIGHLY recommend making time and going to Universal Studios! The 7th day of our trip before we went to the airport we went to Cocoa beach which was the closest beach to Orlando. It was a lot of fun! We found a guy painting pictures and he painted one of us on the beach. It’s now in our bathroom ? I would like to end this blog with a couple tips for Disney World Honeymoon. The food there is really expensive so make sure to bring extra money. To help save money my husband and I shared entrees because the were pretty big sizes! If you are wanting to eat at the Cinderella’s Castle or the Beauty and the Beast restaurant I can’t stress it enough to make reservations months in advance! We tried making reservation a month before and sadly there was no spots so we didn’t get to eat there ? My last tip is to take advantage of the fast pass! We didn’t think anything of it our first day. When we started actually using it, we got to ride so many more rides! It’s totally worth it! Disney is a place that you HAVE to go sometime in your lifetime. If you haven’t gone yet please find a time to! Even if you’re an adult! You’re never too old for Disney world ?   Author: Keeping up with Kendell About: Enthusiastic young traveler is from Dallas, Texas. Outside of traveling I am  a cheer coach and a photographer. I’m excited for y’all to follow my traveling journey with me! 

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