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Travel Blog - DIARY -
  •  2019-02-13 - 2019-02-14
  •  Switzerland
Diary and blog of Ski Sabbatical 2019. Pictures see picture blog.
13 Februaruary 13, 2019Another hard day.
Working high speed to get rid of the remaining work. Organize work to be done by others during my absence in office. Why do I work up to Friday?
Cancelled a meeting to visit the dentist for last urgent teeth repair. Who wants to end up in the middle of nowhere with toothpain? -3 days to go!

February 14, 2019
Last day in the office. Starting 7am with CEO's announcments before press release. Meetings and Workshop BIM. Rushing tasks down after 5pm. Will get late today. New TNT Ski is ready from the workshop and freeride pro binding is mounted. Send blog to those asked for it.
Teeth still causing droubles.
2 days to go.

Sitting at Zurich airport just short before booking. Temperatures here like in summer. Heavy baggage loaded and without problems accepted.

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