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Reasons why you need to Visit Dubai Right Now
by joshmeth88
Reasons why you need to Visit Dubai Right Now
Have you ever been to a theme park, stood at the entrance in wonderment? Trying hard to imagine what could be hidden inside. Curious to know how so much could be fit in such a small space. Even if you live in a big city, a theme park always appears so much bigger and more exciting.
This is the same feeling you would get, when you first step in Dubai. The entire city is like a theme park, full of frills and fancies, of adventure and relaxation and of course, full of wonderment. If you are travelling to Dubai from a small town such as Pune, your experience will be ten times better.
Pune to Dubai flights have become more frequent, making this exciting destination easily accessible to all. If you are still doubtful about your trip, here are five reasons to visit Dubai today!
1. Reach New Heights

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Dubai’s skyline has developed multi-fold in the span of a few years. Living in a land of superlatives, it houses the world’s tallest building that offers a view that surpasses the territory of the city itself. Apart from Burj Khalifa, there are other towering structures that offer a phenomenal view of the cosmopolitan city.
2. Dessert Dreams

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Being one of the most unproductive terrains, Dubai has managed to transform this notion. You can enjoy a grip clenching desert safari, bumping over sand dunes. There are various traditional Middle Eastern delights set up in the desert to give you a “sheikh” appeal.

3. Shopping Haven
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For every shopaholic, the Dubai Shopping Festival is truly the most exciting time of year. A festival that takes place towards the end of the year ensures all your holiday shop is covered. However, any time of year, Dubai offers a variety of shopping adventures right from high-end brands to local souk markets.

4. Sea and Sand 
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With a 1,000 km coastline and over 300 days of sun, Dubai also doubles as a tropical destination. With pristine beaches, powder sand, blue as the water can get, you are bound to have a relaxing stay. The Palm Jumeriah offers some of the best beach side shacks and eateries.

5. Lavish Lifestyle 

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This is undoubtedly the most attractive aspect of Dubai. Drowned in the mystery of the “Sheikh lifestyle”, the city enjoys an extravagant lifestyle. Home to some of the most lavish hotels, an endless nightlife and exciting opportunities.

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