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by photoglobo | 2019-05-28
Heiss, trocken und staubig, das ist Loyangalani am Turkanasee. Ein Bad im See spendet zwar etwas Erfrischung, doch das Wüstenklima erfass... more
by photoglobo | 2019-05-23
Mit dem Landrover in den kargen Norden Kenyas zum grössten Wüstensee der Welt. more
by photoglobo | 2018-11-04
Motorradreise durch Marokko more
by photoglobo | 2018-03-13
Für das Oktoberfest bin ich zu früh, dafür sehe ich alte Freunde wieder, was mir sowieso lieber ist. Zuvor habe ich Zeit durch die Stadt ... more
by photoglobo | 2017-08-29
Durch herrliche Berglandschaft geht's Richtung Osten. Städte entgegen, die nur so strotzen vor Kulturgüter. Aber auch gute Freunde, die f... more
by photoglobo | 2017-08-29
Eine Fahrt in den fernen Osten Europas, diese Idee spukte schon länger in meinem Kopf. Nun bin ich mit meinem Motorrad losgefahren. Lest ... more
by photoglobo | 2017-08-01
A friend wrote me a message, telling me about a German lady, who lives in Africa since decades as a nun and founded several dispensaries.... more
by photoglobo | 2017-07-26
I could take the nice tarred road out of Uganda, but the scenery on the northern slope of Mount Elgon was to tempting. The road became mo... more
by photoglobo | 2017-07-22
From Kampala leads a wide, tarred road to the Kenyan border, but on my way i decided to drive a detour to the Sipi Falls. The camp was se... more
by photoglobo | 2017-07-22
I felt the privilege to camp on a grassy site overlooking the River Nile. One site called “The Haven” became easily a base of tranquility... more
by photoglobo | 2017-03-16
A few kilometer off the main road, the dusty road leads trough savannah and small villages. Red rock boulders appear on the horizon, grow... more
by photoglobo | 2017-03-11
At the other side of the Nile a fishing lodge offers boat trips even into South Sudan, i heard. Fishing lodge sounds posh, but when i arr... more