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Desert Safari Dubai- Planning Tips For Desert | Dhow Cruise In Dubai
by shivam12345
Desert Safari Dubai- Planning Tips For Desert | Dhow Cruise In Dubai
  •  2018-04-06 - 2018-04-06
  •  United Arab Emirates
Dubai Desert Safari is a tourist activity takes places in the middle of Desert in Dubai. For a tourist to enjoy this tour activity to a Satisfication level they need to plan before this Desert Tour Activity.Here is a guide which will answer all our questions like dress to be where, temperature in desert safari, what to carry etc.
Dubai is a lively city with some unique, magical and romantic destination that you can visit as a tourist. One of such destination is Dubai Desert Safari or Overnight Desert Safari. It is a popular adventure trip among locals and the tourists both. You can book a cab which will pick you up from our desired location. Its truly an amazing things to do in Dubai which involves Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Sand Boarding, Belly Dancing, Camel Ridding and Barbecue.

Tips for  planning for the visitors who would like to go Desert Safari Dubai

  •   Fare :-
There are different companies which provide such Dubai desert  safari. Select the one which is your range and which have more facilities. For this you just need to Google it and make some phone calls.
  •   Asphyxiation:-
It is a medical term used for people who feel suffocated in closed places. It’s a kind of mental disorder which is found in million of people around the world. If you are one of them it is suggested to go through bus transport. This will make them feel better during journey. 
NOTE : This is not a solution for the problem.
  •   Sun Glasses:-
Don’t forget to pickup your sun glasses, hats sun screen lotion if you do not want to get sun burn.
  •    Credit Card  :-
During the trip there would be many places the cab will stop you can buy some delicious dates which you will not found any where else.
  •   Camera:-
Keep your camera loaded and charged as there are many picturesque place you would be visiting.   
  •   Quad Biking in Dubai Desert Safari :-

Quad Biking in Dubai Desert Safari
If you are willing to for Quad biking make sure you are 15 or above that age. You need to wear all protective equipment like a helmet, crash pads and protective glasses. Being sandblasted across your face is not a pleasant experience. Make sure that the quad bike is in a good shape. Quad biking in the desert is very different from riding a bike on the road because of the way the tiers grip the surface. As much as it sounds adventurous its not so easy too. The ATV more often than not moves sideways through the terrain instead of being pushed ahead due to traction. This not only requires certain amount of practice but also a tight grip on the handle to ride the bike properly. It is would be better to start slow especially for the beginners. Last but not the least make sure you are following the right permits and licensing laws of the state while partaking in this activity. As it well said its better to be safe than sorry.
  •   Dress Code for Desert safari (what to wear in desert safari):-Dress-code-For-Dubai-Desert-Safari(what-to-wear)

U.A.E is a country which has preserved its tradition over than 2-3 hundred years. Dress especially for women is restrictive if you compare with American or European countries. As a tourist one should always respect their culture & tradition. You must ask before booking about the attire that you can wear.
  •   Alcohol Consumption:-
In U.A.E alcohol is permitted only for the Non-Muslim population and is served only in licensed bars. Purchasing Alcohol by tourists is  not allowed. Alcohol can be consumed by people above 21 years. One can be arrested for illegal possession of alcohol.
TIP:- If you are visiting Dubai and willing to consume alcohol on Overnight Dubai Desert Safari it is better to ask before booking for the safari.
Make all precautions but don’t let yourself down to enjoy your trip to different adventurous activities. Feel free and enjoy every aspect of the ride.

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